House in the Valley

Client: Arun Shourie

Location: Lavasa, Maharashtra

Status: Completed 2010

Area: 8,98,840 sqft

Services: Architecture and Interior Design

Nestled in the steep hillside of the Western Ghats in Lavasa is a house that overlooks the panoramic views of the valley. This custom-built home negotiates effortlessly with the steep contours using ramps. This also satisfies the pre-requisite of the design having to be barrier-free or fully accessible for a wheelchair. Owing to these special needs all major living spaces are organized on the pavilion with no level differences in the continuous floor.

The house unfolds into an atrium that connects the continuous functioning spaces. A sense of complete openness is rendered by full-length windows that frame the spectacular views of the hills and water basin. A basic palette of materials composes the architecture of the house. There is an emphasis on the tactile features of the surfaces and many contrasts the general scheme of materials transparency of the glass against the porosity of the partitions. There was an effort made to balance the generosity of space against the economy of materials used.