Twin Houses

Client: Pravin Mittal

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Status: Completed 2009

Area: 12000 sqft

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

Located in the heart of Indore on a 1.5 acre land amidst lush greenery is a bungalow that the group has built for the illustrious, large Mittal family. They were required to construct two bungalows totaling 12,000 sq.ft. for two brothers with similar needs but completely different look - one in the art decor style while the other was made contemporary. Both bungalows share a common areas while the private spaces are outward looking, space planning has been well taken care of.

Used traditional crafts like Madhubani paintings, inlays, clay murals, silver leaf work, etc. Another interesting features is the use of double-height spaces, sloping roofs, cut-out spaces, lighting and the different treatments given to the floors and ceilings.