Versova Apartment

Client: Apurva and Rohan Parikh

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Status: Completed 2013

Area: 31000 Sqft

Services: Architecture and Interior Design

The program and regulatory requirements led to creation of the levels of the building - a double basement, stilts and six stories. The basement and stilt fulfilled the requirements of building services and parking. By virtue of its location and orientation, the intent of the architect was to maximize the panoramic sea view and integrate the idea of waves or a sense of flow into the architectural vocabulary of the structure. The layout naturally led to the living areas facing the sea and the circulation core and services being oriented towards the road side. This meant that the road side which also was the frontage of the building, needed to be developed architecturally so as to conceal the reality of the service block.

Due to the close proximity of the sea, the choice of materials became an important aspect. With an extensive expanse of ‘veil’ wrapping the facade, the material for the slats became an important decision. Metal would have been an ideal selection elsewhere, but in a saline environment, as this was, the possibility of using UPVC arose. The material had the potential of dimensional accuracy which was important to align with design intent. The slats that spanned across openings and walls created strong patterns with the play of light and shadow. While the thought of playing with colours crossed the mind, pristine white with its starkness but dynamic movement, represented the flow of the sea that was the architectural concept from the start.