Zensar Technologies Limited

Client: Zensar Technologies Limited

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Status: Completed 2010

Area: 474260 sqft

Services: Master Planning, Architecture and Interior Design

A unifying feature that binds the campus, a low stone wall built from local Nevasa stone, also provided visual textural backdrop to the campus that frames the minimal building blocks finished in simple paint.

Using the site undulations to its advantage, SNK also created a series of landscaped courtyards and water bodies that provide a natural balance to the built masses. The strategically-placed water bodies and the traditional “champa” trees combined with features such as wooden pergolas serve a dual purpose; they create serene outdoor spaces for the campus staff and provide relief from the conditioned indoor environment. The water and the plantings together create a cool micro climate within the campus, bringing down the air temperature. Some courtyards, deliberately sunk, are designed to lead into certain interior spaces, such as cafeterias, break-out spaces, and informal offices, that benefit from this ventilation do not require air conditioning. With this strategy, SNK was able to limit the use of artificial ventilation to workstation areas, which translated into significant reduction in energy consumption and, subsequently, infrastructure cost savings.

SNK was the Prime Consultant and handled the project from campus master plan and architectural design to construction execution. The project was built in three Phases, between 2003 and 2009.