Parle Biscuit Factory

Client: Parle Products Private Limited

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Status: Completed 2001

Area: 224675 sqft

Services: Design Consultant and Architect

Located at the 15 km milestone on the Bangalore – Tumkur highway (NH4), this factory complex, completed in February 2001, houses the new biscuit production facility for Parle products ltd.

The factory complex of approximately 20, 000 sq.m of built up area comprises three main buildings – entrance block, administration building and production building. The complex caters to the present and future needs of the company.

The production building has a total floor area of 12,000 sq.m  – Sufficient to cater to four production lines – from mixing to baking and packaging all under one roof. It is mechanically ventilated to ensure a clean air environment for the food manufacturing process.

Environmental considerations in the design have led to the incorporation of features such as rain water harvesting and use of treated effluent to maintain the landscape.