Holiday Inn

Client: Ramesh Khanna

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Status: Completed 1992

Area: 2900 sqft

Services: Interior Design

“The challenge lay in  turning a small, dark, nondescript lobby into a visually spacious area”, says Brinda Somaya.

The long corridor like space with heavy furniture, large sofas arranged against the windows, columns with wooden cladding, and the usual configuration of functional elements like the reception counter, bell captain desk, and the luggage area, have been subtly change, to create a series of discontinuous spaces. This provides relief to the rigid linearity  of the corridor lobby.

We wanted it to be traditionally Indian, yet contemporary. We did not want pale colours, like those creamy pastels which are so ‘pardesi’. That is why we chose specially woven, thick ikat fabrics. The colours may appear strong and vibrant, but they are not overpowering, as everything else is neutral.