Dayanand Sagar University

Client: Dayanand Sagar University

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Status: Competition Entry 2014

Area: 850000 sqft

Services: Master Planning, Conservation and Restoration

A sustainable campus integrating academic programming with landscape, infrastructure, built form and other land use and place-making objectives of the plan. The open and green spaces complement the built forms and become places for recreation, athletics, community enjoyment and ecological restoration. These spaces will be complemented by smaller quads, plazas and courtyards and linked by streets and pathways. The center is considered the most sacred point. This inward directed geometrization and the center gave rise to all ritual and the physical structure. In the Core of the Campus, the clustering of structures has enabled interdisciplinary teaching and shading of built forms to one another. Creativity and innovation thrive in this compact built environment, where interaction and collaboration are promoted.