Nalanda International Middle School

Client: Nalanda Knowledge Foundation

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Status: Completed 2007

Area: 174830 sqft

Services: Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design

Our site plan and detailed plans have been developed taking the previous points mentioned in our Introduction into account. The site is a 20 acre flat area where we needed to accommodate the primary & secondary sections of the school along with the residential facilities.

The client’s brief required that the primary school of approximately 40000 sq. ft. essentially consisted of classes from pre-primary to fifth standard with 3 divisions each. The classrooms accommodated 28 students. Ancillary structures like the audiovisual rooms, art rooms, music room etc., were also provided. All this would comprise Phase-I of the project along with the administration area. Work on Phase-II, III & IV, which comprise of the secondary school & the residential and sports facilities, would start when the primary school is functioning.

The primary school has been designed with 4 classrooms opening up to the internal courtyard wherein the students can partake activities like growing vegetables etc., This forms a sort of private open space for these classrooms.