The Living Cathedral

Client: St. Thomas' Cathedral - The Cathedral and John Connon School

Location: CSMVS - Mumbai

Status: Completed 2018

Area: 2200 Sq. ft.

Services: Curation and Exhibition Design



This is a story dating back centuries of a church and a city. As the city took shape a church was built and both evolved through time, surviving and thriving through history. The Cathedral continues to stand today as a symbol of our heritage and as a beacon for the future. This is the story of the Living Cathedral.

This exhibition explores the historical narrative of the St. Thomas' Cathedral juxtaposed with the city of Mumbai, across 300 years. With the growth of Bombay emerged a church that was built across decades to serve the community and grew to emerge into a landmark for the city. It's incremental growth is reflective of how Mumbai was transforming, and its importance was reinforced with the name Churchgate that was given for the prominent city railway station that lies on it's axes. We witness its form spiraling upwards as it morphs from a Church into a Cathedral, with its new tower representing the promotion of Bombay to the rank of a city.

The Living Cathedral tells it's story through curated objects, some of which have never before been displayed to the public. From the extension of the original church school arose an educational institution - The Cathedral & John Connon School that stands as one of India's leading academic institutions today. The seminal book St. Thomas' Cathedral Bombay - A Witness to History' written by Dr. Vijaya Gupchup has been an invaluable point of reference for understanding the history of the Cathedral. This journey endeavours to celebrate 300 years of the story, magnificence and beauty of St. Thomas' Cathedral.

Curatorial note: Nandini Sampat