Indian Institute Of Technology, Mumbai

Client: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Area: 696960 sqft

Services: Master Planning, Architecture and Interior Design

The development for IIT Bombay essentially includes the master planning on 16 acres of land and the detail design of four buildings. They include Steel Center, SINE/IDC/IRCC, Estate Office, Animal House.

The location of each of the above building was predefined by the Institute and had to be integrated with existing buildings. The design approach for the master plan governed by the large existing tree on campus and the footprints of each building was strategically located so as to minimize the cutting of the trees. The challenge was also to unify the four buildings through landscape and a series of student plazas. These plazas were conceived of as largely pedestrian ones which not only channelized the student movement but also provided spaces that encouraged student interaction. The four individual buildings were oriented in a manner to take advantage of natural light and allow contextual connectivity in the master plan.

Each of the buildings also have semi open spaces like a covered terrace in the steel center, a large covered deck in the SINE building and a central courtyard in the Estate office. Each building welcomes the outdoors and integrating it with the interior spaces making the building lively and conducive to creative output.